The Merrymeeting Food Council is a forum for diverse stakeholders in Maine's Merrymeeting Region food system* to learn, collaborate, and take action to increase the production and consumption of local, healthy food.

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*Food System: All the processes and infrastructure that are needed to get food from the field or ocean to consumers and beyond. It includes all aspects: production, processing, wholesale and retail distribution, waste management, and support systems such as transportation, educations, municipal governments, and emergency food providers, among others. 

We support our local food system by working together.

Our Work Groups and Steering Committee are comprised of community stakeholders contributing personal and professional time to take on projects and identify needs in the surrounding area. Through collaborations and communication we seek to connect individuals and organizations with existing programs and resources. We could not accomplish this work without the support of our partners and dedicated volunteers, some of whom are listed below.

Learn about our local food system!

Visit the Maine Food Atlas to find information about businesses and organizations within our local food system. Creating an entry to the Atlas is easy, please contact us if you need any assistance.


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