The Education & Wellness group is comprised of food producers, health care and public health professionals, school health coordinators, food service directors, land trust representatives, and community members.


The group hopes to establish a resources list of everything that could be helpful to community members, from markets that accept EBT, to possible volunteers for school gardens, to energy resources for farmers, etc. The group is also a resource for other work groups seeking to engage in education and outreach activities.


Abby Sadauckas, Apple Creek Farm

Ben Tipton, Mid Coast Hospital

Carrie Kinne, Kennebec Estuary Land Trust

Harriet Van Vleck, Merrymeeting Food Council

Jessica Damon, Damon's Organics & MSAD75

Kathy Coleman

Katy Maxim, MSAD 75

Kristin Hanczor, Bowdoin College

Laura McCandlish

Lee Cataldo, Brunswick-Topsham Land Trust

Mary Booth

Michelle Rines, Woolwich/Bath community, Merrymeeting Gleaners

Piper Dumont, Wolfe's Neck Farm


The group does not have a regular meeting schedule yet. To learn more or become involved with the Education & Wellness group,  please send inquiries to merrymeetingfc@gmail.com.