The Food Security work group aims to fulfill MFC's vision of increasing access to healthy food for all. The focus thus far has been on increasing access through food recovery. In the near future, the Food Security work group plans to identify additional ways of addressing the high rates of food insecurity in our region.

The Food Security work group aims to:

  • increase access to healthy food for all;

  • increase awareness about food insecurity in our communities;

  • include food insecure individuals in our planning to ensure that their needs are being addressed;

  • and act as a brainstorming group which facilitates problem solving and support projects and/or programs that address food insecurity issues in our region.


The Food Security work group currently meets from 9:30-11 am on the third Tuesday or Thursday (alternating) of each month at Curtis Memorial Library in Brunswick. If you are interested in being involved with the Food Security group, please email merrymeetingfc@gmail.com.


Merrymeeting Gleaners

The Merrymeeting Gleaners began in 2016 as a pilot project of MFC's Food Security work group - check out this video, our Gleaning FAQ, and follow us on Facebook and Instagram @merrymeeting.gleaners! Learn about sites for our 2019 Sharing Tables here.

Community Nutrition resource GUIDES

Resource guides for each of our 14 communities with information on: Farmers’ Markets, Community Meals, Food Pantries, Sharing Tables, Meals for Kids and more posted here. The guides can be downloaded and distributed by any community partner. Guides will be regularly updated, please contact us if you have any suggestions.


All are welcome! If you are interested in joining the Food Security work group or learning more, please contact us, merrymeetingfc@gmail.com.


Allison Messier - Maine SNAP-Ed

Harriet Van Vleck - MFC Coordinator

Hazel Onsrud* - Curtis Memorial Library

Kelly Davis - Merrymeeting Gleaners Coordinator, Master Gardener

Lily Montgomery - Bowdoinham Food Pantry

Lynne Holland - University of ME Cooperative Extension, MFC Steering Committee chair

Mary Turner - Good Shepherd Food Bank

Sandi Konta - MidCoast Hunger Prevention Program & Growing to Give

Vicki Skydell - Slow Money Maine, MFC Steering Committee

*work group lead