A beautiful poem written in honor of Merrymeeting Gleaners by Ann Anspach.  Thank you, Ann!


By Ann Anspach

Gleaning down through history

Long and sacred traditions

leaving behind small pieces

of a bountiful harvest

for the alien, orphan and widow

nourishing their poor bodies

as they do the best they can

in a world gone cold and cruel

Bukowski once said that 

goodness can some time be found

in the middle of hell

and I must admit that

parts of the Holy Bible

seem cruel and cold to me.

Yet, I find throughout 

Deuteronomy and Leviticus

Ruth and Jeremiah

They're gleaning, always gleaning

Harvests shared with strangers

bringing warmth and bringing light

where none had been before.

Much like those distant ancestors

the gleaning continues still

warming hearts and nourishing bodies

I've seen their smiling faces

as I've eaten at their table.

If there is a god out there

then surely those who share 

the bounty of a harvest 

will be blessed a thousand-fold.

Sharing food and sharing kindness

with society's downtrodden

the alien, orphan and widow

the homeless and addicted

never turning a blinded eye

I feel our ancestors before us

I feel their spirits in the grain

I just wish our elected leaders 

could feel those spirits, too.

-In honor of Merrymeeting Gleaners