The Processing Work Group is a group of farmers, processors, municipal officials, and non-profit representatives collaboratively working to address the lack of meat, produce, and dairy processing facilities and opportunities for food producers in the Merrymeeting Bay area.


The group has not formally adopted any projects yet. Currently, the Processing group acts as an information network by sharing lessons learned from past processing facility ventures and information about upcoming processing opportunities, and making connections between interested parties. The group is interested in doing some pilot tests of processing produce gleaned by the Merrymeeting Gleaners [insert link to gleaners project tab under the Food Security WG] to extend the availability of healthy produce for our communities.


Kris Ganong, Five Pine Farm

David Asmussen, Blue Bell Farm

John Shattuck, Town of Topsham

Vicki Skydell, Slow Money Maine

Jim Amaral, Borealis Bread

Jan Goranson, Goranson Farm

Jonathan Merry, Dragonfly Cove Farm/Thyme for Goat

Jennifer Legnini, Turtle Rock Farm

Mary Turner, Mid Coast Hunger Prevention Program

Colleen Fuller, Access Health

John Schreiber, Rosemont Market

Green Bee Craft Beverages

Nate Wildes, New Beet Market

Dave Seddon, Maine Farm to Sea Cooperative


The Processing Work Group meets on a monthly basis at 8 or 9 am on the first Thursday of each month. The location of the meetings may change periodically. 

To learn more about the group or become involved with the Processing group, please send inquiries to merrymeetingfc@gmail.com.