The Seafood Advisory Group is a group of local professionals and community members working to create a space for seafood in the Merrymeeting area, as well as, further the seafood conversation in other food councils by creating a template for success. 


The Seafood Advisory group does not have a regular meeting schedule. To learn more about or become involved with the Seafood Advisory group, please contact merrymeetingfc@gmail.com.


The Seafood Advisory group received funding for a Harpswell Needs Assessment from the Maine Community Foundation Community Building Grant to better understand the Harpswell Fishing Community needs. Throughout the 2017 year, the Manie Coast Fishermen's Association has been working to complete an in-depth needs assessment of the vast fishing community within the town of Harpswell. Through one-on-one and group interviews, data concerning the needs, gaps, strengths, possible solutions have been gathered at a community level and has covered the numerous fisheries, infrastructures, and support personnel that interact with the fishing community. All data collected will be showcased to the community in a public meeting in early 2018 as well as housed on industry and town websites. The goal is not only to identify these needs but also lay the foundation for future projects and programs that will sustain the fishing community of Harpswell for future generations.

The group is also considering ideas for a “Seafood Week”.

in the News

Grant proposal to strengthen the seafood industry in Harpswell

The Maine Coast Fisherman's Association, with support from the Merrymeeting Food Council's Seafood Advisory work group, applied for funds from the Maine Community Foundation's Community Building Grant Program to conduct a needs assessment in Harpswell to identify trends, opportunities, and challenges in seafood harvesting and production. 

Read more about this project here.


Dan Deveraux - Brunswick Marine Resources Officer & Harbormaster

Dana Hole - Harpswell fisherman

Darcie Couture - Resource Access International LLC, Harpswell Marine Resources

Hugh Cowperthwaite - Coastal Enterprises Inc.

Jon Rogers - Harpswell Fisherman

John Naylor - Rosemont Market

Kate Holcomb - Tao Yuan Restaurant

Lee Cataldo - Brunswick-Topsham Land Trust, MFC Steering Committee

Monique Coombs* - Maine Coast Fishermen's Association

Sarah Curran - Planning Decisions, Inc.

*work group lead